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Helping your child with homework can be frustrating. Losing track of time and pursuing goals persistently can feel overwhelming. You don't have to navigate these challenges alone. Let me help you become more successful.

Working with Lizzett as an Executive Function 1:1 coach was a game changer for me. I felt overwhelmed by both the challenges and the deadlines of applying to medical school. Lizzett helped me organize my writing strategies, plan and prioritize and streamline the application process. She’s definitely the spark behind Chispa.
Philip Alexeev
Medical School Student
Mrs. Cuervo has been an enormous support system for my son James. James has been able to better prioritize, plan, and organize his assignments thanks to her kind, patient, and proactive approach. He can now concentrate on what is most important: learning and enjoying school." Mrs. Cuervo worked with James as both a Special Education teacher in a resource room and an executive function coach.
Aurora Cordero
I had no idea executive function coaching existed until I met Lizzett. Preparing for a fitness competition demanded intense concentration, which I lacked. Lizzett, my 1:1 EF coach, was instrumental in helping me change that. She demonstrated how to divide tasks and goals into manageable chunks while blocking out distractions. Her assistance in developing a detailed plan improved my ability to prioritize and manage my time, developing the focus and discipline, placing me second and third in the competition. Lizzett's coaching was transformational for me, and I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their executive function skills.
Cristina Fuentes
Fitness Professional
Leo struggled with organization and planning in 5th grade until Mrs. Cuervo, his executive function coach and Resource Room teacher, stepped in. Her practical advice transformed how Leo managed his tasks, boosting his ability to prioritize and reducing forgetfulness. Her personalized approach led to a big change in him. By the end of the year, Leo was more confident, focused and organized. We are grateful to Mrs. Cuervo for the significant improvement she made in Leo's life.
Claudia Garcia
I have never forgotten my first meeting with Lizzett Cuervo, where the primary goal was to receive guidance on how to support and guide my daughter, Annalié, through the university application process. During the meeting, we discussed various topics, including the importance of avoiding procrastination and timely completion of each task to achieve her goals. Annalié needed to follow a task plan that would prepare her for quality submissions to various universities, largely depending on how she managed her time without affecting her school year and maintaining her good grades. Thanks to Lizzett's support and expertise, coupled with my daughter's dedication and concern, this process yielded great results, and today she is studying at one of the best universities in the country.
Yanisley Fernandez
Super Proud Mom
Starting college, I felt unprepared navigating the financial aid process and kept delaying it. Then I met Lizzett, an executive function coach. Her guidance was a game changer. She simplified the process into short, actionable steps, improved my time management, and boosted my communication skills. Thanks to Lizzett, I confidently handled my financial aid award and learned skills that I'll use far beyond college. She was a true lifesaver!
Jobeth Manga
College Freshman Erie Community College
Applying to colleges was overwhelming until I met Lizzett, an incredible executive function coach. Her insightful questions helped me prioritize applications and tackle procrastination. With Lizzett's guidance, I developed goal-directed persistence, crucial for my college essays. She assisted in refining my ideas, ensuring my applications truly reflected who I am. Thanks to Lizzett, I not only submitted my best applications but also gained skills that extended beyond the process. I'm thankful for her support in acceptance to my dream college.
Jenna Kayed
College Freshman Montclair State University
As an expert in executive function coaching, Lizzett significantly enhanced my organizational and time management skills as a special educator juggling my personal and work life. Her informed strategies, in particular during the IEP process, made my work more productive and easier to understand. I highly recommend her services to any educator who wants to grow professionally in these essential areas.
Sonia Shoman
Special Education Teacher, TOSD-MA, WNY School District
As someone who has navigated the challenges of cerebral palsy, my academic journey has been filled with unique obstacles. Mrs. Cuervo, my 5th and 6th-grade teacher, re-entered my life during a pivotal moment - my final semester in college. I was grappling with time management, procrastination, and keeping track of deadlines for my capstone project. Lizzett’s influence during this time was transformative. Her ability to develop a strategic plan tailored to my needs, combined with her accessibility for meetings, was invaluable. She didn't just guide me; she instilled a belief in my abilities, constantly encouraging me and ensuring I never felt limited by my challenges. Beyond just study tips, Lizzett provided crucial information that facilitated my learning process. Her support didn't just help me academically; it sparked a love for reading and a desire to make a difference in my community. As I pursue my career in nursing, I carry the lessons and inspiration from Lizzett with me. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance. Her impact extends far beyond the classroom - she's a true catalyst for change.
Melissa Serrano
College Senior Caldwell College
I’m Leila Sorto, 21, living with quadriplegic cerebral palsy since birth due to a prenatal car accident. My condition affects all my limbs, which meant navigating through special needs classes until Community College. My journey changed when I met Lizzett, my fifth and sixth-grade language arts and math teacher. She remains my favorite teacher and a pivotal figure in my life. Lizzett instilled a passion for reading in me, evident from our first class where she promised to treat us as individuals– a promise she kept. Her unwavering support during those crucial years enabled me to excel academically, laying a foundation that carried me through high school and into college. Despite some challenging college courses, I've maintained excellent grades, and am able to focus, maintain sustained attention and goal directed persistence.These executive function skills reflect the solid groundwork laid by Lizzett throughout my education.
Leila Sorto
College Student


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