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At chispa, we spark skills. Executive function skills are essential for managing ADHD. We aim to alleviate ADHD-related frustrations and optimize achievements in your workplace, at school and in your personal life. By enhancing executive function skills like sustained attention, organization and time management, we help people conquer procrastination and meet their goals. Our tailored strategies are designed to meet your unique challenges and significantly boost your executive function skills.

Unlock Your Full Potential
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Transformative Growth: chispa specializes in sparking lasting change, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Boost Your Skills: we will guide you to level up your ef skills so you can focus, organize, and manage your time better.

Elevate Performance: with our goal directed persistence strategies, we empower all individuals to boost academic and professional achievements.

Professional Development workshops: We deliver customized workshops aimed at improving ADHD related behaviors by implementing ef skills, specifically aligned with your school's or institution's values.

Your Transformation is Our Promise: together, we set achievable goals to convert ADHD related struggles into accomplishments.


Hi, I’m Lizzett, your ADHD educator coach and executive function specialist, the guiding force behind chispa. Our mission is to bring about positive, transformative changes in your life by nurturing your executive function skills. 


Earning a BA from Rutgers University and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from UOP, my qualifications are enhanced by New Jersey state certifications in Special Education and Elementary Education, affirming my status as a highly qualified educator. My 15+ years as a Special Education Teacher have melded theoretical knowledge with practical application. Co-founding an educational nonprofit and spending a decade on the executive team of a community organization have been key in shaping my ability to work effectively with diverse groups. As a first-generation Cuban-American, fluent in Spanish, and navigating personal experiences with ADHD and neurodivergence, I offer a distinct perspective. This, along with my role as a certified executive function and ADHD educator coach, shapes my approach to refining behaviors and implementing the best educational practices through careful examination and enhancement of executive function (EF) skills.


My experience at chispa blends personal insights with professional expertise. Diagnosed with ADHD, I’ve personally tackled the complex challenges of executive function. This journey has been transformative, not just in uncovering my abilities but in embracing them. Realizing my own executive function issues was a critical moment that fueled my self-belief. This combination of lived experience and professional knowledge underpins my approach at chispa, enhancing how I engage with and uplift others.


As a first-generation Cuban-American, my background shapes my approach to ADHD coaching at chispa. Our name, “chispa,” meaning ‘spark’ in Spanish, reflects our commitment to celebrating diversity and providing a safe space. My journey began when I discovered I had ADHD and felt embarrassed and broken due to a lack of understanding and support—this is why I created chispa. This ability to connect with a variety of individuals, appreciate different perspectives, and build trust is at the heart of what we do. It’s this connection that turns chispa into a haven where diverse experiences and voices are not just heard but deeply valued.


At chispa, we offer personalized ADHD coaching solutions—available both in-person and remotely, one-on-one, or in small groups—focused on improving executive function skills such as sustained attention, organization, time management, planning, and emotional resilience. We also provide targeted workshops for educational and professional environments, and offer bilingual options, all designed to enhance understanding and management of ADHD and executive function challenges. These services are crafted to facilitate significant personal and professional growth.


Why choose us? At chispa, you become an essential part of a community united by shared goals and aspirations. Our team is highly qualified and credentialed, bringing both extensive professional expertise and personal experience with ADHD and executive function challenges. Who better to guide you through best practices than those who not only understand the struggles but also live them? We provide actionable strategies, rooted in proven educational and psychological frameworks, to help you tackle your executive function challenges and lead a more fulfilling life.


So if you’re looking to ignite a transformative journey towards a more organized, focused, and balanced life, you’ve come to the right place. Together, let’s light up your path to personal, academic, and professional success.

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